Does this sound like you?

"The problem is that my daughter's top 2 choices sent horrible packages, which make it completely unaffordable."

"My daughter got into her dream nursing school, but they've left us with $41,000 to pay."

"Penn State...we just received the financial aid package and got nothing from them. I read somewhere that they give little financial aid, but this is ridiculous. She received ZERO merit aid, although a great student."

"So excited my son was accepted to Colgate University, but the financial aid they have offered has us paying a tremendous amount of money per year."

"Tampa has a great financial aid package for my son: $5,500 in an unsubsidized loan and $27,000 parent plus loan. NOT!"

You're Not Alone

Unfortunately, many schools offer their worst package the first go-around.

With a few weeks to go until May 1....

The most important thing for you to do now is to send a letter expressing why your student is deserving of more merit scholarships & financial aid.

  • How hard they worked in high school to excel
  • The promise they show in their career path
  • The value they add to the campus community

What you need is the surest and fastest way to communicate your message...in a way that inspires the appeals committee to say "YES" -- or your student won't be able to attend.

The Appeal Letter Review is a quick, done-with-you service that guides you through writing a compelling letter requesting an additional review of your student's file to help with both merit scholarship and need-based financial aid appeals.

Over the last 15 years, Bethany has helped 1,500+ students get over $20,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid.

The typical student who submits a high-quality appeal letter can expect an increase of $1K-$5K in additional awards.

In special cases, students can get $10K+ with a letter that makes a strong case for more money.

For a small investment of $125 USD, this may be the best ROI you'll ever get.


What you get...


Actionable Steps

You'll get a six-page guide that gives you step-by-step instructions to writing a compelling appeal letter to send to colleges that admitted your student.


Recorded Video Review

When you're done with your letter, you'll send your document back to us. We'll read it and give you comprehensive feedback on how to improve your letter, with suggestions on edits to make, all on video - and send it right to your inbox!


Bonus: Scholarship Accelerator Membership

You'll receive membership into Scholarship Accelerator, a membership group that shows you how to find and win scholarships for the life of your child's education.

This Could Be You...

  • "We took the information learned and successfully negotiated an additional $2,500 per year for my daughter...which made her top choice affordable for us. She was able to commit that day." - Crystal S.
  • "I just wanted to reach out and say, that my son wrote an appeal letter to St. John's. Today we found out they gave my son another $8,100. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. If our calculations are correct, his first year will cost $4,450." - Helen V.
  • "We said no and that we needed more - a range of $6,000 to $7,000. I'm not a good negotiator, but I think we delivered the message appropriately (using your advice) and the FA officer said she would submit our request to the appeal committee {they came back with $10,000 more}." Marianne V.
  • The University of New Hampshire got back to us [my daughter]. They increased her by $2K to the top level. The next day, I got an email saying that her financial aid grant was decreased by $2K. 4 hours later, my financial aid representative sent me an email. He reversed that decrease and added an additional $2K to our need grant. Also, he [recalculated] our EFC, bringing it down to $10K, and told me to file special circumstances each year. Financial aid for UNH is $33,250. Yahoo. Thank you for your help!!! - Mary Beth O.

Hi, I'm Bethany!

I've been a college admissions and financial aid expert since my days of teaching HS seniors in the South Bronx. Since then, I launched Stand Out College Prep in 2012, where I have helped more than 1,700 families get admitted into their top choice colleges and find the money to pay for it, securing over $25M in grants and scholarships.

You get a culmination of everything I have learned over the last 15 years. The content is especially important in 2023 when there are so many uncertainties and economic insecurities. You'll want to get your hand in the financial aid pot sooner than later.

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